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Investor is interested in receiving business plan submissions from entrepreneurs in all fields that meet their investment criteria. Their investing sweet spot is between $10 million and $500 million, in a company that would welcome the active involvement of an experienced and well-connected investor. However, they will entertain larger proposals for more established companies.

While most of the businesses that members refer their review committee review to them, they accept submissions directly from entrepreneurs.

Because their screening committee is comprised of busy industry board members of several fortune 500 companies of and venture capital professional, in order to receive serious consideration an entrepreneur should provide a 10-15 page written submission (basically an expanded executive summary of a business plan and/or clear side deck) that demonstrates expertise within the company’s market and industry, as well as experience in general business matter, and should include information with respect to the following, where applicable:

Company background

•    Identify the management team and relevant experience
•    Organization chart, if necessary to understand the management structure
•    Numbers of employees
•    Office locations
•    Date Company was founded
•    Indentify board members and, If applicable, board of advisors

Market Opportunity

•    Market need
•    Total size market
•    Percent of market the Company will control
•    Growth rate
•    Company positioning


•    How does it work?
•    Status of product development (Alpha, Beta, 1.0,…. )
•    Key milestones and expected completion/release dates
•    Dependency on external technologies; key vendor licenses
•    Patent portfolio


•    Who are your competitors? Collaborators?
•    What is the company’s competitive differentiator or unique advantages?
•    How sustainable are these advantages?


•    Total number of customers
•    Large customers, if any
•    Percentage of total sales these customers represent
•    Customers attrition; why do they leave?
•    Sales pipeline?


•    Projected financials and cash flow breakeven point, with related assumptions
•    Monthly burn rate: gross and net

Financing History

•    Amounts raised with dates; from whom?
•    Any special provisions, terms held by prior shareholders
•    Post-money valuation on last round, if any


•    Risks that are inherent to the specific business and not risks that are general business or investment risks

Proposed Financing

•    Total amount to be raised
•    Amount already committed from prior investors or new lead
•    Valuation expectations
•    Expected future financings

Use of Proceeds

•    i.e. Proceeds will be used to purchase equipment or used for working capital purposes.

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