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We may have the right solution for you. We have the shells and the cash - subject to your company have reached the stage where it is justified for you to go public. We are not shell brokers just trying to sell you a shell, we want to partner up with you and provide the best solution for you and your company while we stay on as a long-term investor.

If not justified to go public now, we may be able to provide you with the investments you need to grow your business while you still stay private. Because sometimes you may be better off not going public now and instead focusing on growing your business to the next level. If going public too early, you may burden your organization with cumbersome regulatory requirements while obtaining zero or low traction from the investment community.

Whatever the case is for you, we would like to speak with you.

Disclaimer: We do neither provide seed money, nor are we angel investors. Therefore, you need to have taken your business off the ground, obtaining revenue (but not necessarily making a profit), have a strong growth plan and seasoned management.

Contact me at your convenience for a non-committed conversation, or send me 1-2 pages summary, including historical numbers and projections.

We pay finders fees - subject to rules and regulations.

Please send your enquiry to:
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