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We as world business Year Investment and Finance Advisory has Mandate with GCC governments to structuring deal to construct 4 million units mass housing apartment .It is mentioned that it is humanitarian and exempted from any sanctions.

Sovereign guarantee and off-taker agreement will be provided by government and related ministry.

Please send us your proposal along with your contact details for cooperation.


1.Scope of work

The government plans to economically produce 4 million housing units in line with the commitment it has given to the people.

Also, there are many banks and government institutions that own government land and can provide the required land and the required permits, and instead entrust the design, construction and financing to insurance companies.

Government Concession:

Land and license



2.Government guarantees:

 Issuing Sovereign Guarantee by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance to guarantee the principal and profit of finance

 The guarantee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for the guaranteed purchase of one million housing units after construction


Amount of required capital or loan:

80 billion dollars

Construction cost per meter:

$250 per square meter

Desired units: 50 to 80 meters

Internal rate of return: 35%


Settlement methods for investors:


 Purchase of residential units by the government

 Buying residential units by people in cash

 Overselling residential units after 20% physical improvement

 Rental of residential units by buyers


Investment benefits:

Tax exemption for investors


Conditions of insurers:


 Having relevant experiences for mass housing construction in different countries

 Insurers, if they wish, can take over the insurance in the form of a syndicate with the cooperation of domestic and international insurers.

The construction company should provide a comprehensive solution that includes

● Design

● Build

● Finance

● and construction services to build property.

The construction company will be responsible for

● site preparation

● foundation work

● construction of the building shell

● and interior buildout

● all electrical, plumbing


● and fire protection systems.

Finally, the construction company should also provide

● landscaping and landscaping services, including paving, fencing, and any necessary retaining walls.



Please forward two copies of your completed proposal in PDF form, electronically to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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