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وزیر اقتصاد به پیام توئیتری عبدالناصر همتی پاسخ داد: در شرایطی که کشور با کسری بودجه بی‌سابقه تحویل دولت سیزدهم شد به لطف خدا در مهرماه مخارج دولت "بدون هیچ انتشار ⁧ اوراق بدهی⁩ جدید" تأمین شد


The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: "Iran's economic priority requires several short-term measures with good effectiveness, but these short-term measures must be considered in the long-term path of economic reform."

Ehsan Khandouzi, referring to his quick presence at his workplace after winning a vote of confidence from the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said: "The special conditions of Iran's economy are such that I consider using every moment to increase the performance of the 13th government a trophy."

He added: "The government's plan was for the ministers to start their work immediately after gaining the vote of confidence, so while thanking Dr. Dejpasand and his deputies, we will start economic activities and programs immediately."

Regarding his acquaintance with the Ministry of Economy, Khandouzi said: "In the past, by the grace of God, I was with economic experts and economic managers of the organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Economy in the field of economic policy, and I am ready to work with a clear horizon."

Regarding the most important priorities and plans ahead, the Minister of Economy said: "Iran's economy needs several short-term measures with good effectiveness, but these short-term measures must be considered in the long-term path of economic reform."

Dr. Khandouzi added: "These reforms include enhancing the role of the Ministry of Economy in macroeconomic policy-making to restore macroeconomic stability, reduce price and currency fluctuations, and similar problems. Unfortunately, we are at very unfavorable thresholds compared to previous decades. Macroeconomic stability We will have a rapid move towards economic growth and per capita income growth, which is still at one of the lowest per capita income points in the last decade.

He added: "The third point is to help rearrange the performance of the Iranian economy to neutralize sanctions and basically that the Iranian economy is not so fragile and vulnerable to external pressures."

The Minister of Economy pointed to the main responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and said: "The main responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is to finance economic development and government financing from sustainable, safe and low-risk methods." The assets that I announced in the plans of the Ministry of Economy can also be the key to a new path in economic transformation.

Regarding communication with academics, reference groups and interaction with the private sector, he explained: "Certainly, the Ministry of Economy will succeed when it systematically uses experiences and the academic and research capacities of the country and specialists, and therefore, a specific mechanism for communication with We are considering economic experts and thinkers and raising issues and problems and addressing the priorities that non-governmental, manufacturing and export sector activists face most, and these interactions will help the front line soldiers of the Iranian economy.

Finally, he expressed hope that with the help of private and cooperative institutions, organizations and associations, we can start an effective period in the Ministry of Economy.


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