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Dear Esteemed politicians in all over the world

In the name of Humanity

I do not know who you are and where are you located. Please look following poem:

Human beings are members of a whole

          In creation of one essence and soul

Les êtres humains (les enfants d'Adam) sont les parties d'un corps


Ils sont issus de la même essence


             If one member is afflicted with pain           


            Other members uneasy will remain           


Lorsqu'une de ces parties est atteinte et souffre


Les autres ne peuvent trouver ni la paix ni le calme


            If you've no sympathy for human pain           


            The name of human you cannot retain          


Si la misère des autres te laisse indifférent


Et sans la moindre peine ! Alors


Il est impensable de t'appeler un être humain


The politician did not let us to know each other. Many years ago Iranian poet said this :

 We are not politician who play with words and deceive others. We are human beings. We have been created to respect each other, understand each other, and sympathize with your pain.

Human being has been suffered from many wars which only million people killed, many abandoned their country and many children become without parents.

Please look out all wars which have been happened in recent years in Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan ,Iran.

Who are victim of this war? The only answer is people.

Where is Georg Bush ,Saddam Hussein,Moammar Ghadafi and many others who make this war?

Many people in these countries killed, disabled.

Why we threaten each other with words, wars, technology, and weapon of mass destruction?

What is the fault of children in this unwanted war?

What is the fault of students in this unwanted war?

Please just for sake of our children and our future generation respects our difference in religion, culture.

Iranian people like to Interact with other different cultures .Please do not take serious some media fake stories .Iranian are kind.


Iran Despite Iran's rocky relations with the U.S., both Iranian president Mohamed Khatami[26][27][28] and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei condemned and denounced the attacks and the terrorists who carried out the attacks. Iranians who gathered for a soccer match in Tehran two days after the 9/11 attacks observed a moment of silence. There was also a candlelight vigil. Huge crowds attended candlelit vigils in Iran, and 60,000

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Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the visiting European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini held talks on ways of tackling Syrian crisis.

During the talks, Zarif welcomed the positive role the European Union plays in overcoming Syrian crisis and expressed Iran's readiness to have closer cooperation with the body.

After Tehran, Mogherini will fly to Riyadh to talk with the Saudi officials.

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