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WBY talks to, Farzaneh  Daneshmand CEO of Cheegel Co., on first ecommerce company in Iran .






What diversified services the Cheegel and the group provides?

Cheegel is first and the only Iranian E-marketplace that has developed by IsDynamic Company base on strong R&D and so advance software product line of IsDynamic. So, at first let me introducing and presenting IsDynamic History then I will back to Cheegel history as one of outcome of IsDynamic.

IsDynamic is a knowledge base company in field of Super Large Scale software Solutions. This company has established on 24 June 2009, and I found it based on more than 12 years of executive and management experience in information technology and management of private firms.

IsDynamic after 8 years hard working, at 2016 grew up significantly and now it is one of the famous software companies in Iran. IsDynamic has succeeded to achieve ASPA  Excellence Award and is known as one of fourth superior's software Tech Company in Asia. IsDynamic has done many offshore software projects at different countries for example USA, Netherland and UK. Through doing international projects, IsDynamic achieved newest technologies of developing super large scale software applications. Last year this company success to achieve most high rank certificate of knowledge based companies in Iran from Vice Presidency of Science and Technology for its Software Product Line (SPL) and the internet base services has developed base on this SPL include Cheegel and Yaapost.

At end of 2016, IsDynamic changed its structure to group companies and registered two other companies under IsDynamic brand and positions in aim to commercialization and business development of Cheegel and Yaapost. Meanwhile the R&D department of IsDynamic has started to develop third internet base service name as A2aTourims.

Cheegel is a mesh model E-Marketplace that has developed for countries are member of Silk Road in aim to two way business between them.
Cheegel business model supports Online local b2c ,Online cross border b2c, Online/ offline cross border b2b

What is Cheegel Product Strategy?

Cheegel model in supplying products and goods is based on supply chains model. According to this model that is popular in E-Marketplaces, every producer and manufactures catalog itself and its products catalogue on Cheegel. All detail information about product at many views and aspects like attributes, locations, market info and many other detailed has considered in e-catalogue. But in some cases depend to Cheegel business strategy, may be even Cheegel do as a supplier. In many cases it is smarter that Cheegel supply product and catalogue them on the site. So, Cheegel E-Market place is a hybrid model.
How Iranian government support start-up companies?
Iranian government from more than 14 years ago by establishing and developing science and technology parks and innovation centers, has made an echo system for accelerating and growing knowledge base companies.
The Vice presidency of science and technology's mission is realizing knowledge base economy of Iran by developing the physical infrastructure of since and technology parks and too developing supportive business and trading laws like free tax, Fund raising by governmental funds, Long term loans, venture capital and etc.
So start-up companies that mostly established by high talent student has graduated from university or entrepreneurs that has ideas but need supports, has found STP's as best environment for them to starting developing their ideas.
At other side, parliament of Iran has approved an advance law of knowledge base companies for supporting this national strategy. Achieving to knowledge base certificate is not easy because the evaluating processes are so advance process and it has 3 degrees (new born, Industrial, producer). There are about 3000 (three thousands) knowledge base companies that about 75 percent are in new born level and only 25 percent put in two other mentioned level.
The exchange market of Iran has opened a special line for Iranian knowledge base companies and has supportive law for make it possible for these types of companies raise funds from this market by selling some shares of their companies.
 The current laws in field of trade and finance in Iran has now updated as well as for support the laws of knowledge base companies and it is a challenge but it seems in near future this challenge will  be overcome by government.

What are the factors which led to the success of Cheegel   as the fastest growing company in Iran?

There are different factors from different views and aspects. But there are some critical success factors (CSF's). The first CSF is fund. Cheegel is in very good stage for a big change and big grow up.
Moreover Marketing and banding. Cheegel is in best stage for do it strong branding strategy
human resource strategy and development. Cheegel has potential for employing very motivated knowledge workers and too top managers for its so critical departments like as CRM, SRM, Legal, Contract management, Marketing).

What are you future growth plans of Cheegel?

    Cheegel Action Plan 2017  encompassed such as  different phases Online Retailing Iranian goods and products in local market (Iran). Online  and offline Wholesaling , exporting Iranian goods and products to china, Middle East  and CIS countries

What opportunities are for the growth of your company in Iran?

Cheegel is a supply chain model. Iranian suppliers profile themselves and after Cheegel SRM team evaluating and approving them Iran has more than 4,000,000 businesses in size of small, medium ad large close.

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