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Spanish Secretary of State for Trade met and talked with Mohammad Khazaei, President of Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.
Mohammad Khazaei pointed to the potential for high investment in Iran and added  Spain is willing to invest in Iran's insurance coverage with no limitation.
Mutual economic cooperation, investment in automobile parts, tourism industry, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and financial cooperation, particularly insurance coverage, were among the issues discussed in the meeting, he said.The volume of bilateral trade has declined since 2011 and we are trying to increase the volume of trade relations to $3 billion,he added.
Spain's economy is a great economy and it is necessary that the two countries' banks, which did not work together for a long time, become familiar with each other to facilitate investment, Khazaei stressed.
It was agreed that Spain's banking board would begin serious negotiations to renew relationships and facilitate financial transactions with the banking system of our country, he added.
In the meeting, García-Legaz, Spanish Secretary of State for Trade, expressed his country's interest to expand economic cooperation and investment with Iran.
Spain is ready to cover the funding needed to provide investment in Iran, he stated, adding: the financial measures are scheduled to take place from October.
Investment in petrochemical sphere is important to us, because we have strong companies that currently operate in various countries including America, García-Legaz stressed.

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