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Thanks to high human capital, high population (80 million ) natural resources, high technology of some companies in Iran and many other factors become Iran as hub for many businesses.
Now many companies like Nestle, Carrefour(which is known hyperstar ),Jancbo(Turkish brand )and many other international companies who invest in Iran ,enjoy this market.
After removal of sanctions many big missions enter to Iran just assess the situation.
If you want to do business in Iran, there is some red tape but you will enjoy this market.
You are considering investing in a large country with 80 million people and a relatively prosperous GDP per capita of almost $20,000.
It had democratic elections this year where the reformists won again on a mandate to increase trade with the rest of the world in contrast to the populism seen in many developed countries. Its capital city is full of history yet cosmopolitan, and tourism has picked up recently.
Yet foreign investment, particularly from the western world, is much lower than what you would expect in a country with such a large domestic market.
That country is Iran. Is it time for contrarians to get in? An article published by Frontera News seeks to answer the question. It delivers business news, investment research and political risk analysis on the world’s frontier and emerging markets.
 High Chances of Success
One of the main reasons investors take interest in frontier markets is to get in at the beginning of the economic cycle in the hopes of making outsized returns, as the economy enters a rapid growth phase.
Iran is an interesting case where its GDP per capita is relatively high, but where there are a lot of severely underdeveloped industries due to almost 40 years of sanctions. Tourism is a very low hanging fruit, as is any trade with western companies.
Bolstering chances of success are a large population (18th in the world) that is highly educated with a literacy rate above 95%. The population is also relatively young, with about half the population under the age of 30. Both these factors have contributed to a burgeoning startup and tech scene in Iran.
When you compare the potential of Iran to other countries that have been held back due to sanctions–Cuba, the DRC, North Korea, or Sudan–the contrast is extreme in terms of how well Iran has done relatively.
The case of Myanmar, a country that is booming now with the removal of sanctions and embrace of the western world, is a hopeful case for Iran, and Iran is way ahead of where Myanmar was when sanctions ended.

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