World  Business and Economic Analysis 

Drawing on more than two decades of experience in producing detailed investment and economic guides, World Business Year (WBY) is able to produce bespoke and confidential reports and services for a wide variety of clients.
These range from sector and market reports that identify the opportunities, the entrenched players, the tax and legal environment and pitfalls in specific areas. Each report is researched and written by specialist WBY analysts from the countries themselves.

Using WBY’s global network of Economic professionals  in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, WBY Consulting offers on-the-ground research, market intelligence and advice to corporate, clients currently operating in emerging markets and those looking to enter them.
The department also provides professional expertise in writing, editing and producing reports in English from material supplied by the clients.


Whatever stage your business is at we can provide expert spreadsheet financial modelling. Whether you’re just starting, growing or getting ready to sell your business, an accurate financial model could be invaluable.

We can provide the following services:

    Business Planning (Budget and Forecasts)
    Integrated Financial Statements
    Link to existing reporting systems / data source systems
    Operational and Working Capital
    Sensitivity, Scenario and Strategic Analysis
    Capex Evaluation
    Debt Analysis and Debt Funding (including Hybrids)
    Equity Funding
    Debt / Equity Refinancing
    Hedging and Treasury Analysis
    Ratio and Covenant Analysis
    Optimal Capital Structure
    Acquisitions and Divestments
    Pricing and Contracts
    Optimisation Modelling

We have experience in the following industries:

    Banking, Financial Services & Funds Management
    Mining & Resources
    Regulated Revenue
    Logistics and Transport
    International Development

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