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 Mehr News agency talks to Senior official of Thailand Ministry of Industry has said Iran is considered as a new potential market for Thailand particularly in field of consumer goods.

In an exclusive interview with Mehr News correspondent, Ms. Anong Paijitprapapon, Deputy Director General of Department of Industry Promotion of Thailand Ministry of Industry, answered some questions on Tehran-Bangkok trade ties and its prospect after removal of sanctions.


How do you describe  Iran-Thailand current economic and industrial ties?

According to latest statistics (May 2015-April 2016) from Thailand's Ministry of Commerce, Thailand has exported about USD 201 million’s worth of products to Iran while the total import value of Iranian goods was about USD 81 million.

Thailand’s top 10 exports to Iran in 2016 include wood and wood products, canned and processed fruits, rubber products, rubber, beverages, fresh, chilled, frozen and dried vegetables, batteries and battery parts, shoes and shoe parts, cars and automotive parts, and compressors.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s top 10 imports from Iran in 2016 have been iron, steel and products, plants and plant products, chemicals, fresh, chilled, frozen, processed, semi-processed aquatic animals, fruits and vegetables, other fuels, medical and pharmaceutical products, other textile products, cars and automotive parts, and compressors.

It is still expected that the export and import values between two counties would increase continuously.


What are the main fields of interest for Bangkok in Iran’s market?

Thailand has high potential to produce various types of products, especially consumer goods. Therefore, the major targets in Iranian market could be any products which are interested by Iranian consumers, such as cosmetic.    


Does Thailand have any plans to increase its share in Iran’s market? And how the Ministry of Industry would contribute to this?

Based on the policy, Thai government would like to build up a trading relationship with Iran, which is recognized as a new potential market for Thailand. Ministry of Industry realizes the importance of this direction and thus will play a vital role in promoting relevant activities to support the national policy.


How do you analyze lifting of anti-Iran sanctions would affect the issue?

Lifting anti-Iran sanctions would definitely boost up Thailand-Iran relations, particularly Thai-Iranian trade value.


Morgan Stanley says Iran is the next biggest investment attraction for international corporations after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Global financial services firm Morgan Stanley in a report has described Iran as the next biggest investment attraction for international corporations after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Morgan Stanley in its report has emphasized that Iran’s vast fossil fuel resources have specifically added to its numerous advantages as a lucrative market for international investors.

Iran is considered as the most literate nation in the region with a large and modern economy. It also has a largely urbanized country where 60 percent of the population is under 30. These, the report added, are among other key advantages of Iran.

Morgan Stanley further said Iran is an uncharted territory for investors, stressing that there is no other hydrocarbon frontier economy that has been subjected to comparable economic and political sanctions.  

“In the next few years, there are some pretty rapid growth forecasts for Iran — the World Bank expects GDP growth to rise to 6.7% in 2017, largely on the back of increased production of oil and natural gas,” the US-based bank said in its report.     

It said car companies are among the key group of investors that are specifically eager to set foot in the Iranian market as soon as the sanctions are lifted.     

The potential for an economic upswing when the sanctions are lifted is pretty clear.

“Iran is entering the global economy, and some investment bank analysts are starting to get pretty excited,” Morgan Stanley emphasized in its report.

“In many respects, there is no direct comparator for Iran, given its economic size, the scale of the sanctions imposed and its political structure.”


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