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Rebecca Hall Gruyter Announces the Launch of RHG Media Productions™ and the Empowered Connections TV™ Channel

Rebecca Hall Gruyter Announces the Launch of RHG Media Productions™ and the Empowered Connections TV™ Channel

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder of "Your Purpose Driven Practice" and host of the Number 1-voted popular radio show "Empowering Women, Transforming Lives" on the VoiceAmerica Women's radio channel, proudly announces the creation of RHG Media Productions™ and the launch of her Empowered ConnectionsTV™ Channel (powered by VoiceAmericaTV™) launching on November 1, 2015.

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder of "Your Purpose Driven Practice" and host of the Number 1-voted popular radio show “Empowering Women, Transforming Lives” on the VoiceAmerica empowerment radio channel, is excited to bring the international Empowered ConnectionsTV channel to viewers where Rebecca will be bringing positive and transformational programming to the world beginning November 1, 2015.  Her goal is to bring positive and thought provoking shows to impact the world in a positive way one show, one heart at a time.  Tune in each week for favorite weekly shows.

"Every month we will be adding new weekly TV shows to this powerful channel.  We hope you will be able to join us!" says Rebecca Hall Gruyter, CEO of RHG Media Productions and owner of the Empowered ConnectionsTV channel.  

At the same time the Empowered ConnectionsTV channel is being launched, RHG Media Productions™ is also excited to announce the launch of their Women's Empowerment Series weekly TV show!  Rebecca goes on to share, “We are excited to bring our popular Women's Empowerment Series event to the world.  It has served 100's of men and women at our live we are excited to now make this powerful program for this first time ever available on TV to serve and support on a global level.” 

Viewers of this series will be encouraged, inspired, and empowered by this transformational program as they discover how to live fully in the center of their life so they can have the impact they are called to have in their life.  Viewers will discover the amazing gift that they are to those around them and to the world, valued and needed exactly as they are.  

Tune in to this exciting new International TV Channel and new show series at

About Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder and owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice™, and creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series events and TV show, the Speaker Talent Search™, Talk Radio Show Host and Guest Training Programs, and Rebecca’s Money Summit™.  She is an in-demand speaker, expert money coach and a frequent guest expert on success panels, tele-summits, TV and radio shows.

As the CEO of RHG Media Productions™, Rebecca recently launched an international TV channel called Empowered Connects TV™ (powered by VoiceAmericanTV) along with several transformational TV shows.  She is a popular VoiceAmerica radio show host, whose show was recently rated #1 on the Women’s Channel of VoiceAmerica.  She is a #1 best-selling author with three best-selling books, with over 14 years experience in the financial industry, growing multiple 6-figure businesses and practices.  She has received numerous awards for her sales expertise, networking skills, and transformational coaching.

Her books include:  Succeeding Against All Odds, You are Whole, Perfect and Complete; Catch Your Star; Becoming Outrageously Successful: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Purpose, Fueling Her Passion, and Unlocking Her Prosperity; and two books soon to be published in early 2016 Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dream, Love Your Life and The Feminine Art of Living Fearlessly.

Rebecca is committed to helping people line up their business and finances with their values, so that they can impact the world powerfully!  To learn more, go to:

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Government initiatives underpin ICT growth in Oman





              Economic News Update           

                30 Oct 2015             
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A range of government initiatives are driving ICT adoption in Oman, as the sultanate works to connect all homes and businesses to the national broadband network by 2040.

Sector growth is being driven in part by government efforts to promote connectivity, a key element of the broader Digital Oman Strategy (eOman) launched in 2003, which is focused on developing IT skills, digital literacy and e-government services.

Policy goals

The eOman strategy, which is being spearheaded by the Information Technology Authority (ITA), the sector regulator, is aimed at expanding ICT uptake across all sectors of the economy by developing the requisite support infrastructure, promoting training initiatives and backing start-ups.

These are just the early stages of a far more ambitious programme, the authority’s CEO Salim Al Ruzaiqi told OBG. “By 2040 we want to develop IT as its own stand-alone, vertical sector – this is our ultimate goal,” he said.

To keep ahead of growing demand, Oman has been steadily expanding its existing fibre-optic network, as well as granting telecoms providers like Omantel and Ooredoo Oman backbone access to broaden availability of fibre-to-the-home connections.

The Oman Broadband Company, created in April 2014, is working to expand fibre-optic infrastructure, with the goal of covering 90% of Muscat Governorate by 2021. By 2030, all urban areas are poised to have 95% broadband connectivity, with satellite and/or mobile broadband coverage identified as potential last-mile solutions for difficult to access rural areas.

The government has also actively sought to promote digital literacy in recent years. By 2013, around 100,000 Omanis had attended internet training programmes, with 90,000 free computers and 72,000 free modems distributed through the country's National PC Initiative, according to the ITA.

Demand on the rise

As high-speed connectivity penetration rises, so too will demand for more advanced hardware, both in terms of computers and mobile communications technology. This in turn is expected to fuel demand for software and services, helping to create the vertical growth envisaged by the ITA.

Uptake of IT services is rising sharply, thanks to strong private sector demand, Alain Sawaya, managing partner of Oman Data Park, the country's oldest and largest managed service and hosting service provider, told OBG. According to Sawaya, the company’s year-to-date revenues were up 35% year-on-year in September as a result.

“IT is becoming an integral part of business across the globe, and Oman is no exception,” Ahmed Auda, general manager of Gulf Business Machines Oman (GBM), told OBG. “Many private sector clients are now requesting total solutions and are looking to further integrate ICT into their businesses to maximise efficiency and commercial benefits.”

According to Auda, businesses in sectors from health care and education to oil and gas, as well as the government, can leverage IT to optimise their operations. “The field is becoming demystified and decision-makers are prioritising it more,” he added.

However, concerns remain that lower energy prices could see a scaling back of government spending on ICT, which has traditionally been one of the driving forces of the industry, Sawaya told OBG, putting added emphasis on the need for private sector investment to bolster growth.

“The government usually spends around 7-9% of the budget on IT. Given the decrease in oil prices, this may be set to drop this year, or the government may need to look into an IT services model,” he added.

Cybersecurity leadership

A key area that could help bolster private sector demand in Oman is cybersecurity, which has been a national priority in recent years, benefitting from significant investment in both technology and human resources.

In its most recent report on global cybersecurity, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) ranked Oman first in the Middle East and third in the world in terms of preparedness against cyberattacks, ranking ahead of Norway, Japan and Germany.

According to the ITU report, released in the second quarter of 2015, Oman’s ranking was due in large part to the government’s comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, which includes a clear legal framework, as well as cooperation at the national and international level.

Oman has more than 10 partnerships with countries and organisations aimed at sharing cybersecurity knowledge and assets, local media reported in July, and has been working with the Ministry of Education to introduce cybersecurity training in classrooms around the country.

The sultanate’s ongoing commitment to cyber defence offers myriad opportunities for local and foreign ICT service providers, with strong demand growth expected in both the public and private sector.

“The top IT users in Oman are the telecoms sector, the banking sector and the government,” GBM’s Auda told OBG. “Due to the constantly evolving nature of cyberthreats, these sectors require a high degree of security for their systems, which suggests that demand for upgraded technology and solutions will continue.”

Source : Oxford Business Group

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Lucrative contracts across England and Scotland have brought Hitachi Rail to the UK, investing millions in a manufacturing facility and creating 700 jobs.


Hitachi Rail has set itself a goal of accelerating the globalisation of its rail systems business and strengthen ties with worldwide networks, customers and partnership.

The company, which supplies metro, commuter and high-speed trains such as the Shinkansen (bullet train) for Japanese and international markets, scored big in the UK when it secured market entry with a high-speed rail contract in 2005. Hitachi Rail Europe has been on a roll in the country ever since.

Between 2005 and 2007, it built its flagship depot, the Ashford Maintenance Depot, outside London. In May 2007, the company unveiled a demonstration train while bidding for the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) to provide replacement trains and additional trains for UK’s Great Western Main Line (GWML) and the East Coast Main Line (ECML). The company was awarded the bid by the UK Department for Transport in 2012, and entered as the main stakeholder in consortium Agility Trains. In March 2015, it also signed a contract to provide new rolling stock to transport company Abellio for the Edinburgh-Glasgow ScotRail franchise, operational from 2017.

Heading north

Hitachi Rail's biggest UK success came in September with the opening of an £82m ($124.8m) manufacturing facility at Merchant Park in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham in the north-east of England. The factory is expected to employ about 700 people and will be used to assemble high-speed passenger trains for the IEP.

“The IEP will see Hitachi deliver 122 trains to replace the fleet of InterCity 125 and 225 trains that operate on the GWML and ECML,” says Hitachi Rail Europe managing director Karen Boswell. The trains will be introduced on the GWML in 2017 and the ECML in 2018.

Under the IEP, the Department for Transport signed a £5.8bn contract with Agility Trains under which Agility will design, build, finance and maintain the rolling stock and maintenance facilities required to deliver the IEP over 27-and-a-half years.

“For construction of the facility, more than 30 companies based within a 80-kilometre radius of Merchant Park [a 42-hectare greenfield site], shared 95% of the project spend,” says Ms Boswell. “For construction of the IEP trains, several local suppliers will be used, including windows from Durham-based Romag, onboard servers from Nomad Digital, located in Newcastle, and passenger-counting systems from Gateshead-based Petard.

“Hitachi will build the majority of these trains at the Newton Aycliffe facility and will maintain them for 27-and-a-half years at a network of new and refurbished depots and facilities across the country.”

Easy access

Hitachi Rail Europe began looking at the site in Newton Aycliffe in 2009. The company chose it because of overwhelming support from the County Durham authorities and the fact it best fits the company’s requirements. “It has good access by road, rail and ship and a highly skilled workforce in the vicinity,” Ms Boswell says. It is also close to key ports and highways, allowing for materials to be delivered to the site.

To develop the local workforce, Hitachi Rail Europe, the University of Sunderland and automotive manufacturer Gestamp Tallent have joined with the UK Department for Education to establish a University Technical College (UTC) in south Durham.

“This will be the first UTC established in the north-east and will be tasked with providing technical and vocational STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics]-focused education to students interested in working in the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector,” says Ms Boswell.

The UTC is due to open in 2016 and will have an estimated intake of 120 pupils per year. When in full operation, the UTC will be able to accommodate between 550 and 600 students.


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