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    World Business Year International with representative in more than 30 countries, are pleased to inform you that we prepare data on real, monetary, budget, and balance of payments sectors mostly at annual intervals.

    The relevant data are drawn by competent statistics-releasing organizations and institutions in Iran, in addition to the Economics Statistics Department and other departments of the CBI. Upon selecting the required item, a summarized description on every single variable is available in the same window. Find available on every window the starting year, time interval and data sources (in case of diversity) . Upon clicking on each variable, sub-titles appear to be observed on both Excel and HTML.


    The Economic and Financial Databank of Iran contains sets of time series from a variety of International, national and provincial sources. The data are gathering from a variety of national and international sources, to improve transparency and provide policy-makers, researchers and investors with up-to-date information. You can query and see the data in different ranges and frequencies, from annual down to daily, and download the tables as Excel files for different analytical purposes.



کتاب عملیات بانکی در عرصه بین الملل -سرفصل ها،ضمائم ،توصیه صاحب‏نظران ارزی و مدیران ارشد بانکی

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