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Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi underlined that Tehran and Beijing are determined to further broaden their mutual cooperation after the recent implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

"Using the letter of credit (LC) and transfer of technology will the main cores of our bilateral relations," Vaezi said in a meeting with Chinese Minister of Industry and Information in Tehran on Friday.

He pointed to the vast potentials for Iran-China cooperation, and said, "The Chinese companies can cooperate with Iran in transfer of technology and know-how."

Vaezi pointed to the formation of Iran-China joint cooperation commission, and said, "This commission will follow up the agreements signed between the two sides until the phase of implementation."

In a relevant development earlier today, Chinese President Xi Jinping voiced his country's willingness to further broaden relations with Iran in various areas.

"There are no obstacles hindering mutual cooperation between Tehran and Beijing," President Xi said on Friday prior to embarking on a visit to Iran.

The Chinese president reiterated that China and Iran should join hands to renew the Silk Road and create an ever better future for China-Iran relations.

"As I am about to embark on my state visit to Iran at the invitation of President (Hassan) Rouhani, I am looking forward to in-depth exchange of views on deepening China-Iran relations in the new," he added.

Earlier this month, Iranian Ambassador to China Ali Asghar Khaji said energy will be the main topic of discussion during the Chinese president's upcoming visit to Tehran.

Addressing a press conference at Iran's embassy in Beijing, Khaji described Tehran-Beijing ties as strategic, saying that the Chinese president's upcoming visit to Tehran is of great importance in terms of boosting mutual ties leading to restoration of international and regional peace, stability and security.

"Iran and China, as two internationally influential countries, share common interests and goals in boosting mutual ties and this visit will deepen the ties," Khaji said.

Khaji said President Xi Jinping would discuss numerous topics during his visit to Tehran including regional developments, and mutual and strategic energy ties.

Beside Tehran, President Xi will also pay a visit to Saudi Arabia and Egypt to push for restoration of stability in the Middle East from which Beijing supplies most of its oil needs.

Jiang Zemin was the last Chinese president to visit Iran in 2002.




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Iranian researchers have built a home connectivity system that works via wireless Internet.
Ali Moqaddas, a researcher at a knowledge-based company, added that the new system provides the possibility of transmitting information about the home’s conditions even when the property is vacant, Mehr News Agency reported.
“With the advancements in technology, the emergence of new systems can be constantly observed, one being ‘smartifying’ houses, which is developing in line with technological progress. Smart buildings are structured in a way that they can be remote-controlled,” he said.
The researcher further said securing one’s property is greatly facilitated by home automation. He added that the newly-designed system can replace surveillance cameras, because the latter tend to bring chaos to the house.
“In case a phone or doorbell rings, the system would spontaneously warn homeowners via WiFi whenever the building is vacant,” he said.
“The new smart home system sends an alert to the owner on the basis of a predefined code. The system can also be configured to transfer house events to a mobile phone.”
Moqaddas noted that all devices in smart homes are integrated and controlled by a central unit. “The new system is capable of giving warnings or alarms via the Internet upon the occurrence of unexpected events in the building,” he concluded


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About the Summit


Exclusive Insights into Emerging Opportunities & Market Development

Bringing together key telecom and ICT players

 Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Hon Mahmoud Vaezi, recently voiced Tehran's enthusiasm for paving the ground for more partnership of foreign companies in the country's economy, especially in the telecommunications sector.

 Taking a long-term, business-serious, determined approach, Magenta Global, with its forte in organizing Global Investment Summits for New-Growth, Emerging Economies around the world, is pleased to organize the 1st "Iran Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2015" in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Snapshots of Iran's Huge Telecom & ICT Potential

•      New licenses issuance and opportunities on 4G, Wi-Fi and MVNO
•      3G to be launched by dominant mobile operators soon with hidden opportunities
•      Aggressive plans of operators to better serve the customers & gain more market share
•      Increasing demand of consumers for new innovative services & enriched content
•      VAS diffusion through IPTV, VoD, music sharing and social networking
•      Growing demand in e-payment and m-payment services in Iran
•      Dominant position in fixed line penetration and mobile subscription in the region
•      Highest share of mobile subscription and net addition in the Middle East region
•      Large demand for mobile broadband and increased availability of affordable 3G devices
•      Leader of the Middle East region in terms of 3G subscriptions by 2018
•      Fastest growing market by net additions in the region over the next 5 years
•      Better regulatory environment and investment opportunities

Iranian Government's Plans and Initiatives

•      Building and developing the National Broadband Network (NBN)
•      10-time increase in international bandwidth of the country in a year
•      Investment of IRR500 trillion in the ICT field
•      Connecting 60% of households and 100% of businesses to NBN
•      International IP transit and becoming the desired hub of the region


Iran is an attractive market for new players and foreign operators and investors with sustainable source of revenue generation

Iran Telecoms & IT Global Summit 2015 is about: 

•      Bringing together the key players of the Iranian market
•      Gaining access to a high growth telecoms market in the Middle East
•      Exploring potential foreign-Iranian joint venture opportunities
•      Networking with distinguished ministerial guests
•      Tapping the huge opportunities for service, content and innovative services
•      Sharing worldwide best practices and successful business models
•      Direct access to local decision makers and the country's policy makers

Who Will Be Attending?

•      Regulators •      Mobile Operators
•      Carriers •      ISPs
•      Satcoms •      Satellite Carriers
•      Data Communication Service Providers •      IT Solutions Providers
•      System Integrators •      OEMs
•      Software Developers •      Value Added Service Providers
•      Consultancy •      R&D Services
•      Banks & Financial Services •      E-Commerce
•      OTTs


Join us at the inaugural Iran Telecoms & IT Global Summit 2015 and map out your roadmap to access the huge potential and high growth telecom and ICT market. This is the only global event to gain direct access to local decision makers and Iran's policy makers in a business to business setting.


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