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The first heavy goods vehicle groupage transport services from Europe to Iran are now being operated by DB Schenker—a division of German railroad company Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics.
According to a report in Switzerland-based International Transport Journal, the goods are consolidated in Austria and hauled via the Balkan states and Turkey to the Iranian border.
The first trucks left Salzburg, Austria, and have already arrived in Tehran after a 10-day trip. The cargo that the HGVs conveyed included around 22 tons of infrastructure material for the construction of a steel plant in Iran.
DB Schenker has also resumed air and sea freight services to Iran. The company is now preparing rail freight offers and wants to establish its own national affiliate in Iran.

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IRISL managing director has announced the establishment of two Iran-Europe shipping companies.

Managing Director of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) Mohammad Saeidi said “over the past six months, measures have been taken to let Iranian vessels travel on international waterways without restrictions; furthermore, we have managed to create two companies in Europe in joint collaboration with foreign companies.”

“In new conditions, we commute to ports around the world without limitation carrying exported and imported products,” he continued.

The official went on to note that “unlike the time of sanctions, currently access to fresh fleet will soon become available in order to compete with international rivals; a possibility which will become feasible through expansion of the fleet as well as the signed agreements.”

Saeidi also underlined that “various shipping lines have been launched in Europe connecting East Asia to South America as well as the Persian Gulf to North and South America while IRISL had not been allowed to commute over these routes for seven years due to sanctions.”

“Following the JCPOA-implementation, we have achieved great accomplishments inking contracts with large shipbuilding companies while it would take at least two years before the first ship joint the Iranian fleet of maritime transport,” he highlighted.

Managing director of IRISL also noted the berthing of the first Iranian container ship at Hamburg port which will then carry freight to Belgium before returning to the Persian Gulf; “merchants will deliver goods to customers with more security if we possess a dynamic marine company since a total of 80 percent of world trade is transported on the sea.”

“We have sealed joint accords with European companies turning them into partners in order to gain a significant share of the market in Europe,” Concluded Saeidi.


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Long lines of trucks formed at customs just outside Tehran.
Machine components, electronics and pharmaceuticals: everything that Iran imports has to pass through here.
About 150 to 200 trucks are unloaded each day. Before the sanctions, it was up to 600. People expect even more trucks to unload their goods here in the near future, Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.
“Presently, I believe they are writing and setting out different contracts, and traders are still negotiating. But by the time, I think we will be receiving more cargo by the end of 2016, close to the end of the year. That is the time all these contracts will be materialized, I believe,” said Majid Parvin, Tehran Container Terminal.
Many shipments bear their “Made in Germany” label. Before the sanctions, Germany was one of Iran’s most important trading partners. Parking lots are full of German luxury cars, such as Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches. And their numbers are growing by the day.
Most goods still come from China into Iran, but the focus is shifting toward Europe. People here say it is only a matter of time before the demand for European products goes beyond cars and luxury goods to everyday products as well.
And the flow of goods is expected to continue uninterrupted. Iran has modernized its customs, clearance and merchandise logistics in recent years.
With the expected boom, the transport industry could create thousands of much needed jobs.

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