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Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said  that $20bln  is total worth of electronic goods are traded every year in the country.

"$20bln worth of electronic goods are traded in Iran's electronics market at present and the Iranians are now in possession of 50 million smart phones now," Sattari said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Monday.

He  predicted that the Iranian electronics trade market would witness a jump to $80bln of interactions in the next two years.

Iranians have been frantically buying smartphones, tablets and flat screen TVs in recent years.

Many world analysts describe Iran as one of the most promising economies of the 21st century – and perhaps the next China, a lion ready to awake.

The Iranian officials announced in 2015 that over 20 million of Iran's 78 million people are smart phone users.

Considering the fact that Iran's mobile network's penetration rate is almost 100 percent, mobile phones are the most pervasive media in Iran, they added.

The officials have predicted that the number of the smart phone users in Iran would reach 40 million in 2016.

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Global Finance Magazine published Best Investment Bank in 2016.

Best Investment Bank

UBS | In 2015, UBS raised $56.5 billion in bonds plus another $14.0 billion in secured debt for financial institutions alone. In equity, UBS focused on customers like Piraeus Bank of Greece, for which it raised €4.9 billion ($5.5 billion). UBS raised $53.4 billion in 267 equity deals, for a 5.9% worldwide market share. Shareholders price UBS at a book value of 1.1—nearly double that of Citi or Bank of America.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

LionTree Advisors | Founded in 2012 by Aryeh Bourkoff, a former head of investment banking for the Americas at UBS, LionTree advised clients on seven mergers and acquisitions, valued at $104.4 billion, in 2015. This New York boutique now has a 3.1% share of the global M&A market, putting it 18th on Dealogic’s league tables.

Best in Emerging Markets

HSBC | HSBC was ranked No. 4 in M&A in emerging markets, advising clients on 50 deals valued at $159.1 billion, for an 11.2% market share. It ranked No. 3 in debt capital markets, raising $47.4 billion in 325 deals, for a 3.7% market share.

Best in Frontier Markets

Societe Generale | Societe Generale raised $2.3 billion in debt in six deals for its clients in frontier markets, for a 5.5% market share. The bank ranks seventh in frontier markets.

Best Equity Bank

UBS | UBS raised $53.4 billion in equity capital in 267 deals, carving out a 5.9% market share and ranking fifth in equity worldwide. The Swiss bank was a bookrunner for a Santander follow-on deal that raised $8.9 billion in the biggest accelerated offering on record in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Best Debt Bank

Bank of America Merrill Lynch | BofA Merrill Lynch underwrote four of the five largest M&A-related bonds issued last year--for AT&T, Medtronic, AbbVie and Charter Communications. All told, BofA Merrill Lynch underwrote $375.5 billion in 1,819 bond issues.

Best M&A Bank

Goldman Sachs | Goldman Sachs is No. 1 on the league tables for M&A, having advised clients on 409 deals valued at $1.8 billion. The Wall Street bank commanded a formidable 36.4% market share.

Best Up-and-Comer

Haitong Bank | Haitong Bank acquired Banco Espírito Santo de Investimento of Portugal and by year-end ranked 10th in emerging markets equity, raising $8.5 billion in 81 deals for clients, capturing a 2.8% market share.

Most Creative

Itaú BBA | Itaú BBA advised several companies from Brazil, China, Korea and Japan on a $16 billion merger of mining, logistics and industrial assets that entailed complex negotiations across the Pacific.

Best Bank for Equity-Linked Debt

UBS | UBS raised GBP500 million ($720 million) for supermarket chain J Sainsbury in two perpetual, nonconvertible hybrid bonds—for the company’s pension and for general purposes—last July.

Best Bank for IPOs

UBS | UBS raised $6.2 billion in 36 IPOs in the first nine months of 2015, garnering a 5.1% share of the global IPO market. Its biggest IPOs included: SFr2.2 billion ($2.3 billion) for Sunrise Communications of Switzerland, and €3.4 billion for Poste Italiane, the government post office.

Best Bank for Securitization

Citi | Catering to a rekindled interest to diversify risk, Citi was involved in 456 securitizations valued at $92.8 billion in 2015. The Wall Street bank garnered a 6.8% share of the global securitization market.


Lazard | Lazard advised its clients on 44 mergers and acquisitions in the consumer sector that were worth a total of $248.6 billion last year. The French bank has a 39% share of the global M&A market for consumer-oriented companies.

Financial Institutions

UBS | UBS is catering to banks worldwide as they rush to raise capital and meet regulatory standards. In 2015, UBS raised $56.5 billion in bonds—plus $14.0 billion in secured debt—for financial institutions.


Mizuho | Mizuho was the lead bookrunner for the global healthcare sector’s two largest debt issues in 2015. The Tokyo-based bank raised $21.0 billion for Actavis Funding and $16.7 billion for AbbVie.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch | Bank of America Merrill Lynch raised more debt for industrial corporations around the world than any other bank in 2015. It raised $24.9 billion in 145 bond deals, claiming a 5.7% market share.


BBVA | BBVA acted as global coordinator for the IPO of the Spanish government’s airports operator, Aena (now known as Enaire), which raised €4.3 billion. In Colombia, the Madrid-based bank was financial adviser for a $990 million stretch of the 4G Road PPP Program, a nationwide toll road.


Goldman Sachs | Goldman Sachs advised 26 media and entertainment companies on mergers and acquisitions valued at $182.7 billion last year. The bank has a 49.0% share of the M&A market in the media and entertainment industries.

Metals & Mining

BMO Capital Markets | BMO Capital Markets advised on eight deals worth a total $3 billion in the global metals and mining industry last year—more than any other investment bank.

Oil & Gas

Citi | Citi raised $16.5 billion in 59 debt deals for oil and gas companies in 2015. The bank ranked first for bond issuance in the sector.


Macquarie Group | Macquarie Group of Australia raised $4.7 billion in 17 public equity deals for utility and energy companies in 2015—more than any other bank worldwide.

Real Estate

UBS | UBS advised NorthStar Realty on its $4 billion acquisition of Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II, which closed in January 2015. The REIT owns 289 commercial buildings in the US and UK.


Morgan Stanley | Morgan Stanley led an IPO for FitBit that raised $732 million—about $30 million more than expected—last June. The fitness tracking device maker’s share price nearly doubled in less than two months.


UBS | UBS ran three of the largest telecom IPOs in Europe last year, raising €840 million for Euskaltel of Spain, $2.3 billion for Sunrise of Switzerland, and €875 million for INWIT of Italy.

Best Investment Bank

J.P. Morgan | J.P. Morgan raised more money in North America’s equity capital markets than any other bank last year. The Wall Street giant raised $29.7 billion in 212 equity deals, claiming an 11.2% market share.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

LionTree Advisors | After only three years in business, New York-based LionTree Advisors has a 5.4% share of the US M&A market, ranking 10th.

Best Equity Bank

Morgan Stanley | Morgan Stanley raised a total of $23.3 billion in 171 equity deals in North America last year. The Wall Street giant carved out an 8.7% regional equity market share.

Best Debt Bank

J.P. Morgan | J.P. Morgan was No. 1 in North America’s debt capital market in 2015, raising $261.2 billion in 1,108 bond issues for its clients for a 10.2% market share in the US and Canada.

Best M&A Bank

Goldman Sachs | Goldman Sachs advised clients on 130 deals worth $539 billion, taking a whopping 41.1% share of North America’s M&A market.

Most Innovative

Morgan Stanley | Morgan Stanley was joint bookrunner with Credit Suisse and China Renaissance in the $75 million US IPO for Yirendai, a Chinese marketplace for peer-to-peer unsecured personal loans spun out of CreditEase.

Best Investment Bank

UBS | UBS is the only investment bank in Western Europe to have grown its equity capital market share every year since 2012. The Swiss bank raked in $640 million in investment banking revenue across the region last year, garnering a 3.5% market share.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Zaoui & Co. | London-based brothers Michael and Yoel Zaoui have advised companies on M&A valued at about $200 billion since they opened three years ago, including a $14.0 billion Nordic deal last year.

Best Equity Bank

UBS | UBS raised $21.7 billion in 81 equity capital market deals for its clients in Western Europe last year. These included more deals above $750 million than any other bank in the region.

Best Debt Bank

Barclays | Barclays raised $111.6 billion in 394 bond deals in Western Europe last year—more than any other European bank—and garnered a 7.0% market share.

Best M&A Bank

Barclays | Barclays advised clients on 84 mergers and acquisitions valued at $278.8 billion last year—more than any other European bank. In October, Barclays advised Anheuser-Busch InBev on its $117.4 billion acquisition of SABMiller.

Most Innovative

Societe Generale | Societe Generale used innovative hybrid structures to raise €1.3 billion in subordinated debt for Bayer, €5 billion in senior unsecured debt for Total, €400 million for Air France-KLM, and €500 million for Gas Natural Fenosa.

Best Investment Bank

Nordea | Nordea garnered $116.0 billion in investment banking revenue in the Nordic region in 2015—more than any other bank, according to Dealogic.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Carnegie Investment Bank | This Swedish boutique ranked first in the region’s equity capital market last year, raising $2.1 billion in 43 deals.

Best Equity Bank

Nordea | Nordea ran five IPOs in the region last year, one of which raised $370 million for Bravida of Sweden.

Best Debt Bank

Danske Bank | Danske Bank ranked No. 2 in the Nordic bond market, raising $15.6 billion for clients in 216 debt deals for a 7.5% regional market share.

Best M&A Bank

Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Bank led in the region’s M&A market in 2015, advising clients on eight deals valued at $26.2 billion.

Most Innovative

Nordea | Nordea priced an innovative euro-denominated bond to raise additional capital for the Municipality Finance advisory and research company, together with BNP Paribas and Barclays. It carried a 4.5% coupon—the lowest rate on record for such a bond.

Best Investment Bank

VTB Capital | VTB Capital ranked second in Eastern Europe’s debt and M&A markets in 2015, raising $5.5 billion in 72 bond deals. VTB Capital also advised clients on 16 M&A deals worth $11.5 billion, earning a 12.4% market share.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Balkan Advisory | Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Balkan Advisory has advised on more than 150 mergers and acquisitions and other transactions for Holcim, Piraeus Bank, Interbrew, the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia and other clients.

Best Equity Bank

VTB Capital | VTB Capital raising $720 million in equity in eight deals that made up a 12.9% share of the region’s relatively subdued equity market in 2015—more than any other East European bank.

Best Debt Bank

Societe Generale | Societe Generale was a joint bookrunner for seven bond issues that raised amounts ranging from €3.1 billion to €500 million for the governments of the Slovak Republic, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland.

Best M&A Bank

J.P. Morgan | J.P. Morgan advised clients on nine mergers and acquisitions in Eastern Europe valued at $13.9 billion, representing a 15% market share—more than any other bank in the region.

Most Innovative

Wood & Co. | Based in Prague, Wood & Co. is active in M&A, has underwritten bonds for Kosit, the Slovak waste management company, and has raised equity capital for Banca Transilvania on the Bucharest exchange—where it claims a 26% market share.


Best Investment Bank

Itaú BBA | Itaú BBA ranked in first place in Latin America’s M&A market last year, and was the seventh-largest equity capital market provider. It was lead bookrunner for Brazil’s largest equity deal, which raised $5.4 billion for Telefônica Brasil.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Altura Capital | This investment and merchant banking boutique was founded in 2005 by Jay Garcia, formerly of Santander, where he ran Latin American investments, and Salomon Brothers, where he was director of equity research for Latin America.

Best Equity Bank

Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Bank was No. 1 in Latin America’s equity market in 2015, according to Dealogic, raising $1.8 billion in three equity deals for a 17.4% market share.

Best Debt Bank

Santander | Santander ranked in second place in Latin America's debt market, raising $11.3 billion in 63 bond deals for a 9.9% share in 2015, according to Dealogic.

Best M&A Bank

Itaú BBA | Itaú BBA was No. 1 in Latin America’s M&A market in 2015, advising clients on 54 deals valued at $18.8 billion, for a 19% market share.

Most Innovative

Bancolombia |Bancolombia took advantage of the fall of the Colombian peso, the downgrade of Brazilian debt to junk status, and falling oil prices to execute 25 transactions that raked in $22 billion in fees during the 12 months through last October.

Best Investment Bank

Nomura | Nomura of Tokyo led a triple-whammy IPO that raised a total of $11.9 billion for three units of Japan’s sprawling government postal system. All told, Nomura raked in $727 million in investment-banking revenue in Asia-Pacific last year.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Ivory Capital | Founded by Lehman Brothers alum Christopher Tan in 2002, Ivory Capital focuses on M&A in Asia. Ivory advised Chinese Internet services provider Tencent Holdings on its sale of a Philippine online gaming business to Asiasoft of Thailand.

Best Equity Bank

CCB International | CCBI, the Hong Kong-based investment-banking arm of China Construction Bank, was a joint bookrunner for at least eight IPOs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange during the first seven months of 2015. The largest raised $5.0 billion in H Shares for Huatai Securities.

Best Debt Bank

BOC International | Leading China’s international corporate investment-grade bond market, BOC International underwrote 48 bonds in 2015, raising $4.8 billion. The bank underwrote a total $37 billion in debt across the region in 195 deals that constituted a 2.6% market share.

Best M&A Bank

Goldman Sachs | Goldman Sachs led Asia-Pacific’s M&A market by a long shot, advising clients on 118 deals valued at $297.6 billion, commanding a 20.7% market share. Some deals involved Japanese companies that spent $10.5 billion to acquire companies in China last year.

Most Innovative

Haitong Bank | Haitong Bank of Shanghai is using Portuguese lender Banco Espírito Santo de Investimento, which it acquired last September, as a foothold for Chinese-European deals. It advised Iberwind on the sale of its 684-megawatt wind farm portfolio to Cheung Kong Infrastructure and Power Assets Holdings.

Best Investment Bank

SambaCapital | From Q1 2014 through Q3 2015, SambaCapital of Saudi Arabia raised $31.3 billion in 16 syndicated loans in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and around the Middle East. In M&A, Samba advised clients on two deals valued at $5.5 billion.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Mashreq Bank | A local private bank in the UAE, Mashreq arranged $6.1 billion in several syndicated loan facilities in a combination of Islamic and conventional structures.

Best Equity Bank

SambaCapital | Samba raised $194 million in an IPO for Electrical Industries, of Saudi Arabia. The bank is now working on a 5,254.8 million Saudi riyal ($140 million) IPO for Middle East Healthcare, which runs hospitals in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Best Debt Bank

GIB Capital | GIB led several bond deals in Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including a $1.0 billion sukuk for Islamic Development Bank and two other sukuk that each raised $267 million.

Best M&A Bank

J.P. Morgan | J.P. Morgan ranked first in M&A in the Middle East, advising 11 companies on deals worth $52.2 billion, for a 43.8% market share.

Most Innovative

Markaz | Also known as the Kuwait Financial Centre, Markaz advised Al Ahleia Insurance in acquiring Kuwait Reinsurance. Triggering a mandatory tender offer allowed Al Ahleia to increase its stake by 62%, taking full control.

Best Investment Bank

Standard Bank | Standard Bank of South Africa and its subsidiaries in other African countries were highly active in debt, equity and M&A across sub-Saharan Africa last year. In one debt deal, Standard financed a $700 million medium-term facility for Azura Power West Africa in Nigeria.

Best Boutique Investment Bank

Exotix Partners | With seats on Kenya’s and Nigeria’s stock exchanges, London-based Exotix has trading access in 17 African markets. In June, Exotix was the broker for placement of shares that raised $77.4 million for Equity Group Holdings of Kenya.

Best Equity Bank

EFG Hermes Investment Banking | Based in Egypt, EFG Hermes raised $394 million in two deals in Africa’s equity capital markets, for a 3% market share.

Best Debt Bank

Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Bank ranked first in Africa’s debt capital market in 2015, raising $2.6 billion in nine bonds, for a 13.8% market share.

Best M&A Bank

Standard Bank | Standard Bank advised clients on more than 30 M&A deals valued at more than $128.0 billion, in Africa. In April, the bank advised Brait on its $1.6 billion acquisition of an 80% stake in Virgin Active Group.

Most Innovative

FBNQuest | The capital markets arm of First National Bank of Nigeria, FBNQuest arranged $880 million in syndicated loans with five Nigerian banks and two UK branches of Nigerian banks for Seven Energy International to finance its Accugas natural gas project.


PNC Bank | Pittsburgh-based PNC offers M&A advisory, forex trading, loan syndication and customized services for structuring securitized debt. PNC’s total assets more than doubled last year, to $359 billion.


Commerce Bancshares | With strengths in forex trading and the oil industry, Kansas City-based Commerce Bancshares successfully moved a multinational company in the oil industry from Australia, where its assets were denominated in 50 different currencies, to the Midwest.

West Coast

Silicon Valley Bank | Catering to tech start-ups, California-based Silicon Valley Bank has offices in Israel, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It offers loan syndication, forex and derivatives, short-term investment vehicles in different currencies, merchant banking, venture capital and private equity.


Comerica | Known for its strength in M&A advisory, Comerica, based in Dallas, Texas, grooms small and midsize companies at a crossroads in growth to become attractive acquisition targets.


SunTrust | Atlanta-based SunTrust is building its investment banking business, opening several offices across the US that offer services from public equity offerings to derivatives sales to advice in structuring real estate investment trusts.


Scotiabank | Scotiabank raised $21 billion for clients in 131 debt deals for a 7.7% market share.


Morgan Stanley | With fewer US companies going public in 2015 than in any year since 2009, Morgan Stanley’s $732 million IPO for FitBit stood out. The bank raked in a total $2.7 billion in investment banking revenue.


Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg | BTV, headquartered in Innsbruck, ranked first in Austria’s equity capital market last year, raising $99 million in a single deal, for a 20.0% market share.


BNP Paribas | BNP Paribas ranked first in both debt and equity in Belgium, raising $32 million in six equity deals and $4.6 billion in 18 bond issues.


AXIA Ventures Group | Based in Nicosia, AXIA is focused on Cyprus, Greece and Portugal. It was joint bookrunner of a €2.0 billion capital increase for Eurobank Ergasias and advised Alpha Bank on a €2.6 billion capital increase.


Danske Bank | Danske Bank raised $15.6 billion for its clients in 216 debt deals in the Nordic region, for a 7.5% market share.


Pohjola Bank | OP-Pohjola is the largest bank in Finland, providing investment banking services to corporate clients as well as trade finance services such as foreign bank guarantees and letters of credit.


Societe Generale | Societe Generale ranked second in France’s bond market, raising $27.1 billion in 131 deals. It was also second in France’s equity market, raising $3.3 billion in 25 deals.


Galt & Taggart | A subsidiary of Bank of Georgia, Galt & Taggart set up a $50 million mezzanine fund last year, focusing on eight to 10 high-potential companies in Georgia, investing $2 million to $8 million per project.


Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Bank ranks first in M&A in Germany, where it advised on 34 deals with a value of $52.1 billion, for a 31.4% market share.


Kvika banki | Kvika, Iceland’s leading investment bank, is a direct member of stock markets in Reykjavík, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Riga, and in Vilnius through the Nasdaq stock exchange partnership.


Davy Group | The leading broker on the Irish stock market, Davy is a Dublin-based investment bank with four core businesses: asset management, capital markets, corporate finance and research.


UniCredit | UniCredit is No. 1 in both equity and debt financing in Italy. In 2015, the bank raised $18.7 billion for its clients in 99 bond deals and $2.4 billion in 11 equity deals.


ABN Amro | ABN Amro ranked fifth in the Netherlands’ equity capital markets, raising $1.7 billion in 10 deals. It went public in November, raising €3.3 billion, enabling the government to recoup some bailout funding.


Nordea | Nordea issued more loans than any other bank in Norway from the Q4 2014 to Q3 2013—26 loans, for a total of $2.8 billion—and claimed a 13.7% market share, excluding syndicated loans.


PKO Bank Polski | PKO was No. 1 in equity in Poland, raising $304 million in seven equity deals, for a 21.2% market share.


CaixaBI | CaixaBI is No. 1 in Portugal’s debt capital market, raising $2.0 billion in 12 deals in 2015. One deal raised $200 million in floating rate notes for pulp and paper company Portucel Soporcel.


VTB Capital | VTB Capital ranks first in Russia’s equity capital market, having raised $720 million in eight deals in 2015. The bank leads eight of 10 equity deals in the country.


BBVA | Last year, BBVA advised its clients in 14 M&A deals in Spain and other countries. BBVA also underwrote 41 bonds that raised $9.8 billion, taking second place in Spain’s debt capital market.


Carnegie | Carnegie is No. 1 in equity in Sweden; it raised $1.7 billion in 23 deals to win a 19.1% market share.


UBS | In Switzerland’s biggest IPO since 2006, UBS raised $2.3 billion for Sunrise Communications. The Swiss bank also advised its clients on 10 mergers and acquisitions worth a total of $14.1 billion.


IS Investment | IS Investment advised its clients on nine mergers and acquisitions, valued at $812 million, for a 27% share of the country’s M&A market.

United Kingdom

Barclays | Barclays ranked second in the UK’s debt capital market last year, raising $28 billion in 98 issues that made up a 10.4% market share.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch | BofA Merrill Lynch was No. 1 in both equity and debt in Argentina. It raised $1.3 billion in just four bond issues—and $81 million in a single equity issue.


Bradesco BBI | Bradesco BBI is No. 1 in Brazil’s debt capital market. The Brazilian unit of Santander raised $5.5 billion in 31 deals, for a 19.8% market share.


Banchile Inversiones | Banchile, which is owned by Citi, advised clients on five M&A deals worth a total of $2.9 billion in 2015, garnering a 28.8% market share.


Bancolombia | Bancolombia executed 25 transactions from Q4 2014 to Q3 2015 that added up to $5.1 billion. It arranged the market debut of a niche bank as well as Colombia’s largest airport project finance.


BBVA CIB | BBVA CIB raised $329 million in four deals for a 5.5% share of Mexico’s equity capital market in 2015. It was sole financial adviser to Petróleos Mexicanos on the sale of its 50% stake in Gasoductos de Chihuahua.


Credicorp Capital Perú | Credicorp, the largest financial services company in Peru, underwrites bonds, serves as a bookrunner for equity issues and offers M&A advisory. It also owns Banco de Crédito del Perú.

Puerto Rico

Banco Popular | With $28.5 billion in assets, Popular is the leading financial institution in Puerto Rico. Its investment banking unit, Popular Securities, provides investment consulting services to companies and institutions.


Ameriabank | With a 42% local market share, Ameriabank is the only bank in Armenia with a dedicated capital markets team. It underwrites Armenian dram-denominated bonds.


Macquarie Group | Macquarie Group ranked second in Australia’s M&A market, advising its clients on 49 deals worth a total $44.9 billion. It ranked second in Australia’s equity capital market, raising $7.9 billion in 45 deals.


Bank of China International | BOCI executed about 50 bond transactions in 2015, raising $500 million for Baosteel Hong Kong Investment and $250 million for Future Land Development Holdings.

Hong Kong

CCB International | In the 12 months through last September, CCB International advised clients on 10 mergers and acquisitions worth a total $1.3 billion. In the largest deal, Comec acquired stakes in China Shipbuilding Corporation’s Huangpu Wengchong and Yangzhou Kejin.


AXIS Bank | AXIS Bank ranks in first place in India’s debt capital market, having raised $6.3 billion in 147 bond issues last year. These deals made up a 16.7% market share.


Mandiri Sekuritas | Mandiri raise $507 million for its clients in four equity deals that made up a 13.5% market share in Indonesia in 2015. The Jakarta-based bank also raised $512 million in bonds for Telkom, Indonesia’s largest telecom utility.


Nomura | Nomura is No. 1 in equity in Japan, having raised $12.9 billion for its clients in 81 deals last year. Before raising $11.9 billion in equity for Japan’s postal system in October, Nomura underwrote $847.6 million in bonds for the Japanese telecom SoftBank in June.


Kazkommerts Securities | Kazkommerts Securities commanded a 45% share of Kazakhstan’s corporate bond market in 2015, leading a total of 16 debt deals for its clients.


CIMB | CIMB is No. 1 in Malaysia’s debt capital market. The Kuala Lumpur–based bank raised $6.4 billion in 54 bond issues that made up a 22.3% market share in 2015.

New Zealand

Macquarie Group | Macquarie Group is No. 1 in New Zealand’s equity capital market, having raised $1.2 billion in a single deal that made up a 45.8% market share.


Habib Bank | Habib Bank raised a record $1.0 billion in an IPO in April 2015 as part of the Pakistan government’s privatization program. The Karachi-based bank arranged a $215 million sukuk bond for the Pakistani utility K-Electric Ltd. to finance foreign debt last summer.


First Metro Investment | First Metro Investment commands a 30.4% share of the Philippines’ equity capital market. The Manila-based bank raised $617 million in three equity deals last year.


DBS Bank | DBS is No. 1 in Singapore’s debt capital market. The bank raised $5.8 billion in 56 equity deals for its clients, garnering a 31.5% market share in 2015, according to Dealogic.

South Korea

NH Investment & Securities | NH is No. 1 in South Korea’s equity capital market. The Seoul-based bank raised $2.2 billion in 21 deals that made up a 20.7% market share in 2015.


CTBC Bank | CTBC is a leader in syndicated loans in Taiwan, including raising $960 million for Taiwan Broadband Communications. The Taipei-based bank also raised raising $283 million in 16 equity offerings.


Bangkok Bank | Together with subsidiary Bualuang Securities, Bangkok Bank raised a total of $15.9 billion in six IPOs, a long list of investment-grade bonds, and a few sovereign issues for the government of Thailand.


Vietnam Capital Partners | Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Capital partners has advised ASE Group of Taiwan on an $800 million acquisition. It served as an adviser to Citi in the $800 million acquisition of a 30% stake in another Taiwanese company.


GIB Capital | Manama-based GIB was the lead manager of a $1.0 billion sukuk for the Islamic Development Bank, and two other sukuk that each raised $267 million—one for Abdullah Al-Othaim Real Estate & Development, and the other for Saudi Binladin Group—in 2015.


CI Capital Investment Banking | CI Capital raised $64.4 million in a secondary equity offering for Orascom Hotels & Development in January 2015. Last July, the Cairo-based bank placed $87.6 million in equity in Misr Cement, a local cement company, with local investors.


Migdal Investment Banking | Migdal advised Ability Computers & Software Industries on its sale to Cambridge Capital Acquisition in December for $290 million. Migdal also underwrote several bond deals, including a $190 million public debt issuance by finance company Dexia.


J.P. Morgan | J.P. Morgan raised $995 million in two bond deals that made up 50% of Jordan’s debt capital market in 2015.


Markaz | Markaz completed 14 deals in the first nine months of 2015 and advised several companies on debt restructuring and disposal of assets.


bankmed | The volume of bankmed’s private placement deals quadrupled in December 2015 compared with a year earlier, according to the bank.


Bank Muscat | Bank Muscat is No. 1 in debt capital markets in Oman. Bank Muscat raised $5.6 billion for clients, including two bonds that raised $1.2 billion. It also raised $1 billion for Oman Electricity Transmission.


Qatar National Bank | Qatar National Bank ranks in fifth place in the country’s equity capital market. The bank raised $166 million in an equity offering that garnered an 8.2% market share.

Saudi Arabia

SambaCapital | SambaCapital raised $560 million in two bond deals in Saudi Arabia, taking a 12.2% share of the local bond market in 2015, according to Dealogic.


National Bank of Abu Dhabi | National Bank of Abu Dhabi ranked No. 1 in local market share for debt capital markets, underwriting $1.6 billion worth of bonds in 12 deals, for a 12% market share.


Standard Bank Angola | Standard Bank Angola arranged a $180 million loan for a government hydroelectric power project. It also arranged a $29.5 million credit facility for a local supermarket chain.


Industrial & Commercial Bank of China | ICBC ranked first in Ghana’s debt capital market. The Beijing-based bank raised $500 million in a bond issue in Ghana in 2015.


CfC Stanbic Bank | CfC Stanbic Bank raised $35 million in a public equity deal that comprised all of Kenya’s public equity market last year, and underwrote $200 million of a $750 million syndicated loan for the government.


Mauritius Commercial Bank | Mauritius Commercial Bank, the largest bank in the island nation, is an integrated financial group offering a range of corporate services, including investment banking, from Mauritius to Madagascar.


Attijariwafa Bank | Attijariwafa Bank ranked first in Morocco’s equity market. The bank raised $37 million in an IPO for the Moroccan unit of Total.


Standard Bank Moçambique | Standard Bank Moçambique provided Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique with $120 million in debt to help raise the capacity of the Sena Line coal-carrying railroad to 6.5 million metric tons a year.


FBNQuest | FBNQuest was initial mandated lead arranger for an array of syndicated loans for Seven Energy International to finance its Accugas natural gas project, the complex deal raised $880 million in debt.

South Africa

Rand Merchant Bank | Rand Merchant Bank advised clients on seven mergers and acquisitions worth $7.1 billion. The Johannesburg-based bank also raised $1.2 billion for clients in 11 public equity deals.

Best Equity Deal
$8.9 billion Santander follow-on offering

Arrangers: UBS (Europe) and Goldman Sachs (U.S.)

Santanders $8.9 billion follow-on secondary offering was the world’s largest equity deal of 2015, offering nearly 1.3 billion shares at a discount to institutional investors to improve the bank’s capital position.

Best Debt Deal
$17.5 billion AT&T bond sale

Lead bookrunner: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

In the second-largest debt capital market raising of 2015, BofA Merrill Lynch raised $17.5 billion in investment-grade corporate bonds for AT&T, helping finance the telecom company’s acquisition of DIRECTTV.

Best M&A Deal
$160 billion acquisition of drugmaker Allergan by Pfizer

Advising Pfizer (acquirer): Morgan Stanley

Advising Allergan (target): Goldman Sachs

Pfizer announced last November that it was acquiring Allergan, which makes Botox, in a $160 billion deal that, if approved by regulators, will create the world’s largest drugmaker.

Best Infrastructure Deal
€4.26 billion IPO for Aena

BBVA of Madrid acted as global coordinator for the IPO of the Spanish government’s airport operator, Aena, which raised €4.26 billion in February 2015.

Best Bank for Equity Derivatives

Societe Generale | Societe Generale has taken full advantage of the transformation of the global derivatives market over the last five years from trading by phone based on personal relationships to relatively transparent exchange-trading.

Best Bank for Credit Derivatives

Citi | Citi has grown its fixed-income derivatives business dramatically in recent years by focusing on over-the-counter trading. The bank responded to demand from clients in the US as the derivatives business migrated onto exchanges in response to new regulation.

Best Bank for Interest-Rate Derivatives

Societe Generale | Societe Generale grew its market share for interest-rate derivatives last year with an advisory-based approach. The bank helped clients manage risk with a commitment to full service, from idea generation to electronic execution and clearing.

Best Bank for Equity Derivatives

Morgan Stanley | Morgan Stanley received higher marks from its clients than any other provider of equity flow derivatives and equity swaps in North America, in a survey by Greenwich Associates.

Best Bank for Credit Derivatives

Citi | Citi commands an 18% share of the market for fixed income derivatives in the US, more than any other bank.

Best Bank for Interest-Rate Derivatives

Citi | Interest rate swaps have traditionally accounted for more than half of Citi’s derivatives business in North America.

Best Bank for Equity Derivatives

Societe Generale | Societe Generale earns top marks from clients for its European equity swaps. Greenwich Associates research cited its low pricing, willingness to put capital to trades, and superior customer service.

Best Bank for Credit Derivatives

BNP Paribas | BNP Paribas has long been regarded as Europe’s most cost-effective and active provider of credit indexes and bank credit default swaps.

Best Bank for Interest-Rate Derivatives

Societe Generale | SG’s market share in European currency interest rate swaps has tripled from about 3% in 2006 to more than 9% currently.

Best Bank for Equity Derivatives

Societe Generale | Societe Generale is a market leader in correlation solutions in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and has pan-Asian exposure to equity markets, leading in hybrid derivatives.

Best Bank for Credit Derivatives

HSBC | HSBC has established itself as the clear market leader for Asian fixed-income derivatives, with an 11.8% market share.

Best Bank for Interest-Rate Derivatives

BNP Paribas | BNP Paribas has the second-largest market share for interest-rate derivatives in Asia and commands a 10.2% market share.


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