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The M&A Process of Selling
The Timeline for Selling your  Business
World Business Year  Acquisitions Group is the nation’s leading merger and advisory firm. We have created this timeline to give you a better understanding the selling process, and what we do for you.

The General Selling Process take 6-12 Months


Each step has a general time frame that is dependent on several factors, including the market, the industry, and how quickly we can get the necessary information from you to market your company.

We do not guarantee each step will be completed in the time frame given, but will make every effort to
sell your company in a timely manner.

We Have Broken Down The Selling Process Into Four Phases

Phase One: Marketing Preparation

Phase Two: Network and Qualifications

Phase Three: Offer and Negotiation

Phase Four: Due Diligence and Closing
Phase One: Marketing Preparation (1-2 months)

    Strategic kick-off meeting: We discuss your company, your objectives, and what you look to get out selling your company.
    Assessment and Valuation: We collect your financial data and together, determine a reasonable asking price.
    Create a Confidential Company Profile: We create a presentation representing your company, including the basics, highlights, and a financial snapshot, to release to potential buyers.

 Phase Two: Network and Qualifications (2-4 months)

    Marketing Outreach: We promote your company listing on over 150 social media sites to reach each potential buyer.
    Distribute Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Send a non-disclosure agreement to prospective buyers, specific to your listing, to ensure that your confidentiality is upheld and information is respected.
    Qualify Buyers: Once we obtain a fully executed NDA, we qualify that each potential buyer is suitable for purchasing your company.
    Distribute Confidential Company Profile: Once qualified, we distribute your company’s confidential profile.

Phase Three: Offer and Negotiation (1-3 months)

    Conference Call: We host a conference call between seller and potential buyer. This ensures that all questions are relayed in a controlled environment.
    Pre-LOI Due Diligence: Potential Buyer completes initial due diligence to verify company data.
    Letter of Intent: Interested buyers present offers.
    Evaluate and Negotiate Offers: We work with you to determine what offer you would like to accept.

Phase Four: Due Diligence and Closing (2-3 months)

    Final Due Diligence: We manage this process to ensure it is completed effectively.
    Legal Documentations: We ensure you understand what needs to be done legally to sell the company.
    Management Agreements: When necessary, we help construct a management agreement to ensure that all certification can be upheld.
    Closing: Manage the successful closing.


HCAG has over 30 years of experience within healthcare and mergers and acquisitions. We have the tools and the resources to ensure that we can sell your agency in a timely manner while maximizing your potential. With our knowledge, we understand the ins and outs of the selling process, ensuring that you are in safe hands when working with us! Confidentiality, respect, and trust are our key values and we ensure that they will be maintained in each step of the selling process.

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