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World Business Year prepared OFAC latest update of the FAQ's relating to the lifting of certain US sanctions on Iran.
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The Law on foreign investment in Iran under the name of “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act” (FIPPA) was ratified by the parliament in 2002.

Some specific enhancements introduced by FIPPA for foreign investment in Iran can be outlined as follows:
1-Broader fields for involvement by foreign investors including in major infrastructure,
2-Broader definition given to foreign investment, covering all types of investments from FDI to different types of project financing methods including :Civil Participation, Buy –Back arrangements, Counter trade and various BOT schemes;
3-Streamlined and fast track investment licensing application and approval process;
4-Creation of a one stop shop called the “Center for foreign investment Services” at the organization for investment for focused and efficient support for foreign investment undertaking in Iran,
5-More flexibility and facilitated regulatory practices for the access of foreign investors to foreign exchange for capital transfer purpose


Law on Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (English)

Application form to enjoy Foreign Investment and protection act in Iran  (FIPPA)


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