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WORLD BUSINESS YEAR 's aim is to give you an international awareness, a professional guarantee and service which constantly adds value to your organization.


We do this in several ways:

  • Media planning
  • Media representation
  • Providing a comprehensive public relations service
  • Producing corporate literature


'The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.'

Thomas Jefferson




Media planning

WORLD BUSINESS YEAR  plan and execute media campaigns, incorporating UK, Middle Eastern, North African and International Media.

We provide our clients with advice and secure the best possible rates and positions for our clients.

We keep abreast of relevant surveys and special reports and surveys on the Middle East and elsewhere for International publications, such as Forbes Magazine, The Financial Times, WSJ, Euromoney, Institutional Investor International Herald Tribune, The Banker, Global Finance, Barron's, Emerging Markets (Euromoney), IFR, MEED, Arabian Business, Gulf Business to name a few.

Many companies in the GCC countries and North Africa are using us to buy media for them cost effectively with selected press, TV & Sponsorships.

We also advise our clients on the placement of recruitment advertising within the International press and trade publications throughout the world. We work with companies in the Middle East, Europe, UK and USA in placing recruitment advertisements in a wide range of publications, from the London Evening Standard to the South China Morning Post. We provide the additional service of monitoring responses to recruitment advertisements and also carry out design, typesetting, production and translation, when required.


Another area of expertise is the design, writing and production of corporate advertisements for our clients, using award-winning graphic designers and tailored specifically to the market and impact that the client desires.



Media representation

We are selective in how we represent our clients and the markets in which they operate. With annual contracts, WORLD BUSINESS YEAR  choose, by project, the appropriate media and country to gain the best results.


Public relations, sponsorships and awards

WORLD BUSINESS YEAR  offers a dedicated, flexible and bespoke expertise in providing a comprehensive public relations service.

Through our close links with journalists in the international media, we are able to secure substantial editorial coverage for our clients, including interviews, coverage of financial results and editorial articles.

WORLD BUSINESS YEAR  advise our clients on how to get maximum benefit from the internet for their company, and how the digital revolution can best be used to their advantage.


Corporate literature

We can provide a highly professional range of design and production services for your corporate literature requirements.

WORLD BUSINESS YEAR  offers a specialised and highly experienced design service, offering a bespoke and one-stop package; from typesetting, design, copywriting, photography, printing and website implementation.

Individuality and quality of design is important and allows the corporate literature to also be used as an effective marketing tool to promote a company's strength and sophistication.

With our London design company we currently produce brochures, annual reports, identities and websites for over eighteen companies in the Middle East and UK. We believe that the quality of our work and the competitiveness of our pricing has allowed us to acquire and keep many valued clients.

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